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new guy "pat"

Started by pat, January 09, 2013, 02:25:35 PM

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 hi, got my wife a kellogg 554 pin rotary wall phone for christmas. Now i need to get it working. it is still the old  hard wire. the wires are cut off at the bottm. ........................also picked up a pink 554 wd  rotary wall phone that is in the same shape except the case has a chunk out of it and cracks. my plan is to get them both working. i'll be reading all the posts and hope to get it figured out. Any comments will be much appreciated. thanks pat


Hi Pat, welcome to the forum. You will find lots of helpful folks here. Some pictures of what you have would be helpful, especially thee inside where the wires are connected.
Now my usual warning: Get out now ;D
These old phones are addictive and they multiply like crazy! Once Phonitis sets in there is no known cure :) Next you will want the same phone in a desk set or another color and then you will need a bigger house!
Seriously, enjoy!!
Harry Smith
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there is only
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