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Hello from Cindy67! and I need help please

Started by Cindy67, January 20, 2013, 12:33:07 AM

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I am new and need help

AE rotary candlestick old phe
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WE ringer box/subset
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My name is Cindy and happy to be here. I am ahuge antiue person..mostly Victorian things.  But now I want to purchasee a American Electric phone and a update WE ringer box/subset.  I was tol the phne wonjt work on a WE box. Is this true?  The box is updated with our time phone cord.  Can I use the Webox or I. Don't need one if rotary !3 phone is updated with plug in wire.
The iems are endng soon. Pls reply asap!

Thank you

Jim Stettler

The phone parts will work together,  However, I would recomend finding the phone you like and gettting the "proper " subset.
You could also buy a phone and "create" a subset with a mini network or old self-contained desk phone (WE302,500 ect.)
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