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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Find of the Month - December 2013

Started by AE_Collector, October 30, 2013, 12:17:13 PM

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Find of the Month - December 2013 - Vote for TWO

southernphoneman's Two Tone Red & Black WECo 500 on ebay for $29.00
2 (6.3%)
John S' nice red soft plastic WECo 554 from 1956 for $35!!!
9 (28.1%)
Matilo Telephones' SA 28 by Brock & Goldschmidt for $54.82 (€40) incl Shipping
2 (6.3%)
WesternElectricBen's 1966 yellow WECo 713 2 line Princess Phone for $29.99
2 (6.3%)
cchaven's Mahogany Brown Western Electric 591 for $12 at an Antique Mall
20 (62.5%)
LarryInMichigan's Green Australian Telecom 8021 for $23 plus $24 Shipping to NA
2 (6.3%)
WEBellSystemChristian's Med Blue WE 500 BIN on eBay for $199.00 plus $10 Shipping.
4 (12.5%)
Jack Ryan's 50-AL or a 51AL with what looks like a #2 dial for $41 US & $22 Shipping
6 (18.8%)
Persido's Yellow 10 Button 1500 from an Antique Store for $5
8 (25%)
Kenton K's Rose Beige 1965/1968 10 Button 1500 for $1
4 (12.5%)

Total Members Voted: 32


That's it for the Month as well as the Year. Ten entrants this time all with excellent "Finds of the Month".

Everyone vote for their Favorite TWO Finds and lets see who scored the best of all in December.

Happy New Year everyone!!



Well, it looks like a slam dunk for cchaven this month with his Mahogany Brown Western Electric 591 for $12 at an Antique Mall. No doubt about who the run away winner was this time. Of course All Finds are Good Finds, but the aim of the "Find of the Month" is to figure out who scored the best and there is little doubt this month!

Congrats cchaven!


John S

Congrats!!!!!!  That was a find!!!!



Wow...thanks for the votes. So many nice phones nominated each month.