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Find of the Month - March 2015

Started by AE_Collector, January 27, 2015, 12:09:09 AM

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Find of the Month - March 2015     "Fun Off Vote -  **VOTE FOR ONE**

TelePlay's 1965 black WE 10 button 1500 with Bakelite handset for $9.30 from Antique Store
16 (64%)
Matilo Telephones unusual CLEAR Socotel S63 for 40 Euros ($43 US) plus about $7 shipping
9 (36%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Voting closed: April 14, 2015, 11:53:35 PM


Since it will take me a few months to restore this phone before selling it, which falls under the rules, I'd like to nominate the 1965 black 1500 I found at an Antique Mall for a total cost of $9.30. It is both a unique (sort of rare) phone with a very good price. Still surprised I found it sitting on that shelf in the store.

It has the original handset and line cords and a G1 Bakelite handset. Most of the dates match. Other than dirt, there are no defects (cracks, chips, etc).

The phone is being discussed at this topic:

Kenton K

I'll enter my best find this month, an original ivory two tone.

The ivory shell is from the 1953, and the components are 1954(sans cords). If I am correct, these were one of the first color sets available. I will have to fix the smashed cradle, but its still a two tone!

After a $25 seller refund, the phone cost me $20 total; free shipping.



I think that "Matilo Telephones" find should be nominated here as well.

Arwin bought this unusual CLEAR Socotel S63 for 40 Euros ($43 US) plus about $7 shipping.

Here is the topic:



I'll nominate the Northern Electric 20AL that I bought on Wednesday, March 25th.  I purchased it, along with an additional transmitter cup with 323 transmitter, an additional 144 receiver, and a mouthpiece for $150CDN.  I maybe burned off an extra $5 worth of gas making the detour on my way home from work to visit the seller.  I posted about this here.



I'll throw my $20 matching dates 9/56 red soft plastic phone into the ring.

Near perfect quality found at a local flea market - think it has been barely used, if not stored away since originally installed.

Discussion here:

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I think I shall nominate this exquisitely rare 1955 302GR-50, a 302 telephone assembled after the 302s had already been factory discontinued. It is molded not from the standard 302 Tenite plastic, but from a variety that was used for the 500 telephone sets, with the color dash-code 50.

The phone and background are discussed extensively here: 1955 Ivory 302—A rare breed: 302GR-50.

Cost: $59/eBay


Time to vote for the March 2015 - Find of the Month.

There are 10 entries competing for your votes. Lets just do two votes each this month. Good luck to each of the entrants!

Thanks John for looking after the "Find if the Month" while I was otherwise detained somewhere on the high seas!



What will happen if the tie is not broken?



Harry Smith
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Okay, you got it Harry...."Fun Off Poll" time.

It has been a great competition so far this month, a large number of "finds" all very close to being in a tie with each other but there are two finds tied for top spot with 10 votes each so it is run off vote time. Vote for just one item and lets see who ultimately had the best "Find" for March 2015.

I will let the poll go until Tuesday night (3 days) so lets see if we can get all 32 voters (or more!) back to vote in the Run Off.

Here is the results from the first poll.



Okay, thats it. Time to shut down the super computers that have been tabulating the votes as well as  checking and rechecking the results. We got 25 of the original 32 voters back for the Fun-Off Vote to determine who had the best Find of the Month.

In the end, TelePlay's 1965 black WECo 10 button 1500 with Bakelite handset for $9.30 from Antique Store is the Fan Favorite here for March! Congratulations TelePlay for being at the right place at the right time to find a phone a couple of digits short of a full complement of buttons. A nice find indeed!

Matilo Telephones unusual CLEAR Socotel S63 for 40 Euros tied with TelePlays 1500 initially but in the Run-Off vote it wasnt able to grab enough of the votes from the other phones that were eliminated from the contest. It is always pretty difficult to beat something with both a "W" and a "ECo" in the title, at least here on CRPF.

Congratulations to all of the Finds from March and thanks everyone or playing. Now, on to April 2015.

Here is the "Find of the Month - Winners List" for all contests to date:


Matilo Telephones



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