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E.164 telephone numbers and calling worldwide to local cost???

Started by dsk, December 26, 2012, 02:32:17 PM

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When something looks too good to be true, it usually are.

I happen to pop over this page:
lots of hints, and how to register a free number, free local did numbers including e-num.

Not too easy but a free sip2sip account ( and a free SipBroker account. making it possible to make internett calls ++. This makes lots of opportunities. Adding a free international e num at makes it possible to call you from normal telephones.

What is the drawbacks?
The Sipbroker account  may let you call out to all e-nums for free or local cost, with ordinary telephones, and lots of others if you have *. problem to register with some phonesystems as e.g. 3CX
The sip2sip is not that easy to call in to, but you may forward the e.num , and you may call out using regular numbers, but not easily to all. (I have to find out more here)

The Enum is a regular telephone number, and may be dialed from a regular line to extreme cost, or via the these did portals to regular local cost.

(To call the enum: It will cost approx $5.35 pr minute in Norway, or less than 10 cents via the DID portals.)

Another drawback may be the length of the number: +882 9999 009658 will be my number when I comes home from my vacation.  16 digits if you dial 011 for such numbers! and only 15 for us who use 00. (only $5.35 per min?)
The SipBroker numbers are shorter, but may only be called via those DID portals or from e.g. your sip account.
*011-472 from the did portals. I have tested and from my mobile I just store "the local no"(,)*011-472#.
The (,) makes a pause so the portal starts it voice message to continue dialling, the # just prevents waiting for eventually more digits.

At least it is fun :) , and for those who not are connected to c*net, you may call me at local rates.  ;)



Now, I'm back home, ad has done some testing.

Linking to a sip2sip account seems to work well for inbound calls  :D, calling out is not simple by using analogue telephone and PAP2T adapter. 

Linking to a Getonsip account, makes my phone ring, but no speaking >:(

Te Sipbroker number makes it possible to call me from your telephone via a number near you:
Pick the number call and add *011 472# and you are calling me at the cost to the number near you.

The e-number at e164. are just too expensive  :o :P to call from the P.O.T.S. so the only reason for this is if its makes you more available from other voip providers.



That e-num thing doesent work well.
I'm trying a new number.
882 9999 326410