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Find of the Month - November 2016

Started by AE_Collector, November 01, 2016, 12:15:37 AM

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Find of the Month - November 2016   ***VOTE FOR TWO***

Partyline4's WE Candlestick phone, Ringer box, and battery box from a local store for $55
3 (9.7%)
novarlynx' WECo 1E1 single slot post-pay rotary payphone for free from a friend
8 (25.8%)
Russ Kirk's reproduction glass Red Cross mouthpiece made by John Infurna for $110
4 (12.9%)
Jrs1958's WE Candlestick with a 2AB dial and Bulldog transmitter for $100 on Craig's List
5 (16.1%)
Pourme's Kellogg K1000 HB4 metal Red Bar purchased on EBAY for $9.99 + $14.95 shipping
7 (22.6%)
WEBellSystemChristian's 1955 Red WECo 500 bought on eBay for $20.50 plus $9.74 shipping
11 (35.5%)
Fabius' sterling silver Tri-State Telephone & Telegraph Company spoon eBay $28.99 & $3.12 ship
4 (12.9%)
Kenton K's Mahogany Brown 500. Great conditions, just no cords. Northern Cal show for $160
4 (12.9%)
Autonut's 1983 NT Commodore Phone on eBay $25.00 CDN + shipping + tax = $32.07 USD
2 (6.5%)
Compubit's Rose Beige WECo 500 for $41.00 plus $13.45 shipping
9 (29%)

Total Members Voted: 31


Okay, it is a couple of hours early here in west coast (of N America) time so let's go by east coast time orveven UK or how about Norway time.

Time to vote for November 2016's Find of the Month. A wide assortment for you to chose from with 10 entries this month! Will just do TWO votes per person so it isn't too much work to use both your votes and so....may the Best phone FIND win!



LarryInMichigan usually wins one of the Find of the Month contests each year and back in 2014 he snagged three wins during the year. WEBellSystemChristian usually wins once a year or so except for this year. He just won his FOURTH Find of the Month in 2016. Amazing!

It was a good competition this month with many good Finds and thus everyone got their share of votes. Everyone was a runner up this month except Christian of course.

Congratulations on yet another great find Christian and the year isn't over yet!

To check out a list of all past winners including the Find of the YEAR winners click here:

Here is the Photobucket albums of pictures of all the winners that John keeps *almost* up to Date! If it is a little behind he will get to it soon:



Yay!! Thanks for voting for me, guys! ;)

I'm really surprised some of the others didn't win. They were all great finds!
Christian Petterson

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" -Henry Ford

Kenton K

There were a lot of good finds this month for all!


I always enjoy the FOM.....

Congrats Christian!

Happy hunting, everyone!

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