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Find of the Month - December 2016

Started by AE_Collector, November 30, 2016, 10:20:43 PM

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Find of the Month - December 2016   "VOTE FOR 3"

Sargeguys very early 1881 Providence Telephone Co. long distance bill for $22.72 on eBay
8 (29.6%)
Doug Rose's Wooden Ringer with "Tea Gongs" on eBay for $60 plus $7 shipping
6 (22.2%)
Autonut's 1957 Western Electric Central Office Test Cabinet for $100.00 CDN / $75.74 USD
5 (18.5%)
jfish's 1957 Red Western Electric 500 on eBay as a "Buy it Now" for $35 plus $11.35 shipping
5 (18.5%)
oldguy's Ivory plastic 1950 WECo 304 for $130 and $25 shipping on eBay
5 (18.5%)
Fabius' Teladial Glow in the Dark ring for use on a 500 type set found on eBay, total cost $9.95
4 (14.8%)
Pourme's Green WECo Continental found on eBay for $24 and $22 shipping.
10 (37%)
Jrs1958's New in the box Princess phone from 12-59.  Rose Pink -59. Ebay. $99.
6 (22.2%)
andy1702's British Telecom 755 for £10.50 ($12.95 US) + £3.95 ($4.87 US) postage.
5 (18.5%)
TelePlay's Chrome AE "Cut Away" finger wheel c/w a North Gallion for $25 plus $13.85 shipping on eBay
14 (51.9%)

Total Members Voted: 27

Jim Stettler

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You die, you forget it all.


Very nice Jrs1958, I assume you don't have to deal with fading or yellowing like my ivory 304.


No, it is as crisp as the day it was made.  No fading whatsoever!


Here's a last minute nomination for my GPO (or rather British telecom by then) 755. As far as I know they were only available in ivory, which usually 'tans' to a dark yellow colour with age. This one is perfect though and I suspect it's not been used much. It's in full working order, although somebody bodfged a very short line cord onto it which will need replacing.

Cost £10.50 + £3.95 postage.

Call me on C*net 0246 81 290 from the UK
or (+44) 246 81 290 from the rest of the world.

For telephone videos search Andys Shed on Youtube.


As a last second entry, I'd like to nominate my perfect chrome finish AE "Cut Away" finger wheel that I got for $25 plus $13.85 shipping as a BIN on eBay on December 19th at 4:34 in the morning, just in time for Christmas. Best part about the finger wheel is that it came with a very clean, complete and undamaged North Galion attached to it - thank you Santa.

Looked at eBay solds and two such phones with full black finger wheel sold for about 3 times what I paid for this phone so I am thrilled to get my first chrome cut away. Never thought I could afford one.

I was wearing a dark purple T-Shirt when I took this nomination photo and the phone is discussed in detail at


Fine crop of nominees this month. We should get about five votes each this month! ;)


Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


WoW, we end 2016 with a bang.....10 Finds in this months "Find of the Month".

So it is time to vote, I have given everyone 3 votes to vote for your favorite three Finds from December 2016.



Okay, that's it for December and that's it for 2016. An interesting contest this month. Everyone got significant numbers of votes, even Fabius though he also managed to have one vote less than anyone else just so he can hang on to his "Last Place" record for the Find of the Month. Win - Win!

But, the clear winner this month is TelePlay and his AE Cutaway Fingerwheel that came packed on a North Electric Galion for safe shipping. If I can count (debatable), this is teleplay's forth win of a Find of the Month contest, the first in 2012 and two in 2015. He just pulled out this win in 2016 at the last moment.

Thanks to all the contestants this month, the voting results show that your Finds were all legitimate finds in others eyes as well. And of course, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

Congratulations John, now get to work at putting the Find of the YEAR - 2016 topic together for me! (Thanks for that).

To check out a list of all past winners including the Find of the YEAR winners click here:

Here is the Photobucket albums of pictures of all the winners that John keeps *almost* up to Date! If it is a little behind he will get to it soon:



Congratulations John, on number four....Well deserved!


Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


Quote from: Pourme on January 08, 2017, 09:07:24 PM
Congratulations John, on number four....Well deserved!

Thanks Benny, and thanks to everyone who voted for my find.

I didn't realize it was 4 but it really has been 4 and for over a 4 year time period which unlike some who have a really have a sharp eye for good finds and are sometimes fortunate to get 4 Finds in one year, but I guess it paid off for me for checking eBay for BINs at 4 in the morning, a good time for the birds, but it also turned out to be my good fortune this month . . .

For now,