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Can anyone still dial a code number to make your own phone ring ?

Started by guitar1580, January 03, 2011, 06:03:59 AM

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We used to dial 999 and then our 7 digit phone number. We would flash the switch hook after hearing a pulsed dial tone then hang up. The phone would then ring. If we dialed 958, the CO would tell us our phone number. This was with POTS here in NJ. I know it doesn't work with FIOS.

Jim Stettler

Around here you could dial 99x-nnnn then flash.
x = a digit between 0-9,   nnnn= last 4 of your #. The 99k number was based on your exchane prefix.  I had a RS speed dialer that I progamed all the 99x numbers into. I kept it in my car and would fry it at friends houses. I would program nnnn into one of the spare buttons.  I was able to build a nice list of ring-back -by-prefix for my town.

I think the above number was a test #. I think you could run other telephone test as well.
Jim S.

The last time I tried was November 2012. I had copper and was switching to cable, I tried it out before the switch just to see if it would still work.It did. 
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Quote from: AE_Collector on January 03, 2011, 11:30:57 AM
There used to be all sorts of different schemes in use for "revertive calls" depending on the type of CO equipment in use. I thought that the most common way to ring your line these days was to just dial your pwn number and hang up.

Still works that same way here in Oakfield, WI.  Thankfully we here in 920 land haven't been "blessed" with an area code overlay (yet--it's coming), so we can still just dial our own 7-digit number and hang up right away, too.
-Tom from Oakfield, Wisconsin --  My CO CLLI & switch: OKFDWIXADS0--GTD-5 EAX

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