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Find of the Month - December 2017

Started by AE_Collector, December 01, 2017, 10:29:41 PM

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Find of the Month - December 2017  *** Vote for TWO ***

Pourme's AE 880 Speakerphone in Gardenia White $50 plus $22 shipping on eBay
13 (50%)
Fabius' German Ivory Bakelite W49 Hagenuk Kiel Desk phone. $40 plus shipping on eBay
5 (19.2%)
dsk's Light green (crystal mint?) Ericsson Ericofon picked up locally for $16 US.
6 (23.1%)
WEBellSystemChristian's early tenite Garnet Red AE 80 for $25 plus 9 in shipping
16 (61.5%)
compubit's Northern Electric Centurion Rotary Payphone, for $105 +$35 shipping
5 (19.2%)
Doug Rose's WECo 302 in Hammered Silver (Old Phone Works). $79.99 shipped on eBay
4 (15.4%)

Total Members Voted: 26


I guess it is good reasons for those arguments. The USA is much more United than the EU, and Norway is outside EU, in some ways we are maybe closer to the USA, even when the president say USA first.
When we look at telephone design, the history in Europe is so different, and the priorities made was based on other needs, nationalism, the idea of not using separate receivers and transmitters, not using subsets, no priority of lo load ringers, no need for bias springs, at least 3 different dial number-rings. Germany with surroundings used 60V ringers, most others 90V.  different dial tones. UK had their own ring cadence. By some reason many European telephones used a circuit where considerable part of the current was bypassed the transmitter. The transmitters were often more noisy than in the USA. The balance between send and receive voice signals was different.  Both design and circuits was often copied, and the development of new circuits was left to the Siemens, (who by my opinion just did slightly adjustments from  1928 to 1960-something) and to Ericsson (with associated companies as the Norwegian Elektrisk Bureau) and the British where I am pretty insecure if we may give the honor to BTMC or others. Maybe something from France, but for me that may be a secret.  ;)