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Anyone here into railroadiana?

Started by Fushigi Ojisan, April 23, 2018, 06:28:43 PM

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Fushigi Ojisan

Since this board includes "Trains" I thought I would ask.

I collect Yale & Towne bronze signal department locks from the B&O Raiload, and I happen to have a "dwarf" Color-Position Light (CPL) that needs restoring.

Anyone else out there?

Fushigi Ojisan
Otaku with interesting hobbies


Have 2 steam locomotive headlights. One Pyle national off of a NYC loco and one off a Sou RR loco.Some china and silverware.I would sell or trade telephone related

Fushigi Ojisan

Not sure where you are locoated, but there is a railroad show in Maryland (DC Suburbs) the first Sunday in November.  All kinds of stuff there.
Fushigi Ojisan
Otaku with interesting hobbies


I am in NC. Used to go to the Gathersburg RR show years ago.I dont care to drive to shows much any more


I as well love trains but don't currently have the room to spare. Outside of a lot of O and N gauge sets, I do have several tools (wrenches and hammers) from the New York Central System as marked.


 I have HO scale trains stored away because model railroading got too expensive for me. I have many signs and railroadiana around the house and an H2A searchlight signal on a relay cabinet outside. I also made sure I lived along a busy RR line so I could watch trains whenever I wanted.  I found truck driving to be a very good way to visit railroad lines (and telephone friends) all over the country and get paid doing it. (Just check my dog's FB page "Where is Max today?" for examples) ADavid
ADavid, MADhouse Telephone

Fushigi Ojisan


My dream one day is to get the CPL working again and mounting it on my back patio.  But that would involve a full restoration and re-wiring first.   CPLs are an interesting bit of kit, and they can throw some light a fair distance away on just ten volts

For the people unfamiliar with Color-Position Lights

So if anyone here is good with wiring please let me know
Fushigi Ojisan
Otaku with interesting hobbies


Model railroading is crazy expensive these days. I also stopped because of the expense. At least with phone's I can get a nice set for a good price most of the time.
Plus a layout takes up a lot of real estate, something I don't have any more.