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McLaren 720S

Started by ....., May 21, 2020, 10:40:33 PM

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I came across this McLaren 720S today. My wife thought I was nuts when I stopped my truck and jumped out to take some pictures.
I have only seen these on TV, never up close and personal. I just had to take the pictures. I have no idea what year it is, that doesn't matter. It is just a beautiful piece of automotive history.


And to think, when most people think of British cars, they think of the Austin Mini, Morris Minor or Reliant Robin, never something like a McLaren... :)


Nice. I have always liked Gullwing doors. Straker's car on UFO has a lot to answer for.  ;D

Aston Martin takes the lead for me though. Also British made.

Their Vanquish is yummy.  :)
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The first sports car I had ever ridden in was an MG TD that one of my friends folks had.
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