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Passing of Forum Member Bill Compton

Started by Doug Rose, June 07, 2020, 09:55:09 AM

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Doug Rose

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Bill Compton,  Skyrider passed last year.

I had messaged Bill that I hadn't seen him on the Forum for a while and his wife, Kay gave me the sad news.

Bill was one of the good guys, anytime you got something in the mail from him, pecans were also in the package.

Bill sent me a perfect neutral grey handset cord, because I asked the Forum if anyone had one for the Oxford Grey 500 I was working on at the time.

Yes, one of the good guys, Bill will be missed.

RIP Skyrider.....Doug

Jim Stettler

Sorry to hear. I liked Bill. He will be missed.
You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


did you just find out, or is this posting late? you mentioned "Last Year" so I'm wondering....




Sorry to hear that, way to many collectors moving on to the the big booth in the sky.

RIP.  :(


Rest-In-Peace dude.  Prayers and condolences.