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Using a Grandstream HT802 to demo calls from phone to phone at shows

Started by markosjal, April 23, 2022, 10:57:19 PM

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I recent went to try to sell some phones at the "Northwests Largest Garage and Vintage Sale" . ALthough seles were not good here is what I did to demo phones

Grandstream HT802 (pulse compatible) was configured to dial from Port to port. In this case any number(s) I dialed the other port rang.

Since I had no access to AC power I took advantage of a Cell Phone power Bank (a cheap but bigger one from WalMart) , and used a standard USB to Micro USB power cable to power the Grandstream.

The setup allowed me to test phones all day long as well as ring phones as an "Attention getter" as people passed. The seller in the booth next to me loved the ringing phone as it made people stop and look.

No network or router was necessary and if anyone wants the config, I believe I can download it from the ATA upload it here.

In the future I would prefer to make the other phone ring only when a specific set of digits is dialed, rather than any digit(s) as it is now.

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Quote from: markosjal on April 23, 2022, 10:57:19 PMI recent went to try to sell some phones at the "Northwests Largest Garage and Vintage Sale" . ALthough seles were not good here is what I did to demo phones...
This sounds pretty cool!
I was already considering an HT802 to add to my OBI200 so I could use a
rotary phone but you're saying the two ports on it can call each other?
That would be cool to set up for our family to use as sort of an
intercom system between the upstairs and downstairs of our house.


Just FYI you can connect the Grandstream to the Obi200 via IP auth and use Google Voice (or whatever provider you have configured on Obi200) to make and receive calls and use higher ring power and rotary dial.

The come up cheap on ebay sometimes.
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I went ahead and ordered one off Amazon.
How did you configure it so that the ports could call each other?


I need to get my hands on one again to say exactly as I do not have one at the moment but goes like this (from memory):

conventions used:
PhonePort X Settings (settings in Web GUI Interface for corresponding port 1 or 2)
PhonePort=physical connector
Port=port number use on IP address
username=username (You can change this)
password=password  (You can change this)
(use the same username and password on both PhonePort settings)

This assumes a reset has been performed first!
connect to your network
Set a FIXED IP address on the ATA
For this purpose we will assume that the fixed IP set is

We are going to set up PhonePort 1 Settings:
Primary SIP Server: (we set Port PhonePort 1 Settings SIP Proxy to IP:port of PhonePort 2 )
SIP Transport:UDP
NAT Traversal:NO
SIP User ID:username
Authenticate ID:username
Authenticate password:password
SIP Registration:NO
Local SIP Port:5060
Use Random SIP Port:NO
Use Random RTP Port:NO
Check SIP User ID for Incoming INVITE:NO
Allow Incoming SIP Messages from SIP Proxy Only:NO
High power ringing checked
pulse dialing checked

Phone Port 2 Setting:
same as PhonePort 2 Settings
except use IP:port of & Local SIP Port:5062

I am not sure whether I had to use an ethernet loopback or not but do not believe I did. You can also just connect it to a switch instead of a loopback connector.

I think that should about do it!
Test connect two working phones you should be able to dial only 3 digits and ring the other phone (also test with 10 digits)

Then disconnect network

Test again to make sure it works sill boots and works with network disconnected

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I think I found the config file for Grandstream HT802 but I can not upload it here as there are no real attachments apparently. I will see if I can upload it to my web server then link to it. Its convoluted but will work. Just want to make sure I test it first.

Also here is an ethernet loopback
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish