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Soviet "novelty phone" or what is this?

Started by countryman, January 15, 2022, 11:18:09 AM

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Edward Scissorhand's phone? KGB instrument of torture? Looks nightmarish to me...


Is that not a "refurbished" Ericsson DE500 or something like that? Dial and transmitter seem to be made by VEF. But the base plate is truly horrifying. No feet, only a protruding screw right in the middle, to make sure you destroy anything this is put on!
I do not find the handset to be so ugly. in fact, it is weird enough to look "better" than all those "retro" handsets made in the 70's, with bulky hornets to accommodate a transmitter at its end. This is completely different, with some punk or metal flair (should have some black leather and more spikes).
I wonder how they managed to put the dial there. It must be almost impossible to remove the housing without damaging anything now.