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T&N CB Deskset

Started by tubaman, June 09, 2022, 11:16:26 AM

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I've not seen a CB (no dial) version of these before and was fortunate to win it for £17 + £4.80 P&P (about US$27 total)

"This is a vintage TN bakelite black telephone. It was in our grandmothers home when it was cleared , I've no idea where she got it and I don't know why there's no dial but it is what it is ,may be of some use to someone ."

Dates from 1952 and is in pretty decent shape with its original cords, although it has been somewhere damp - evident by the rust on the hook-switch and a rusty receiver diaphragm. Still works fine luckily.
The number window is in a rather fragile shape but it is 70 years old so I can forgive it.


Here it is with its new friend, which has a dial.


You've done it again  :).   They look good together.

What country do they originate from?
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Doug Rose

Beautiful! I love the manual sets....Doug


Quote from: FABphones on June 09, 2022, 11:39:08 AM...What country do they originate from?

According to @Haf in this 2012 thread - - it's a Maingau 46 by Telefonbau & Normalzeit Frankfurt.
They were also used in an earlier version and possibly like this too in the UK -

I do have one of the pre-war versions shown in that link. Although the case design looks the same it has totally different internals.
Dates from 1939:


Thank you for the pics of the different versions side-by side!
German collectors apparently pay too little heed to the Maingau, while it's predecessor "Frankfurt" is hyped.


I am pretty sure that this diagram should be the right one. 112.2.IV.jpg