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Integrated Calculator in a Telephone

Started by Budavox, June 11, 2022, 01:08:26 PM

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I have seen some of these here, but finally I got one in good condition.

This is a regular type 600 Japanese phone, but with a modified dial.
It seems that this dial is not original from the factory, but a separate spare part that you can install in the phone.
There were installable spare parts here designed for type 600 phone due to its popularity back to the 70's~80's, such as lock on the side and coin box (to make your desk phone become a payphone).

This phone still can ring, but I cannot make a right call. I always get wrong numbers even with short numbers like 112  :-\
The red lamp will light if I lift the receiver.

For the calculator itself it is battery-powered, but I cannot using it either because the previous batteries were leaked and damaging the battery holder. I already ordered a new battery holder and will install it later.. I hope this can fix the dialling issue as well.

I think there is a clock too..? There is a switch named CLK, and a SET button.

And the lock! but I don't have the key.
Even without the key I still can make a call (though wrong number  :-X )


Well I hope those antique batteries did harm anything else besides the holder.
I've had this happen years ago with several things and was able to use a baking soda and water mixture to clean it all off and neutralize the acid but, I don't think it be a good idea in this instance.
If the keyed lock was stopping any function I would think it be fairly easy to by pass it electrically if that's how it works.
Hope you can get it working like it should again, real novel piece.


That's really nice!
Looks like the leakage has been confined to the battery holder - lets hope so.


Hello all I have replaced the battery holder and the numberpad is now working.
It has several features:
- calculator
- time
- alarm (!)
- call a number

The calculator itself is broken in the odd way, I cannot put numbers 9, 6, and 3 :( The picture below is shown 12145478 --> it should be 12345678

The clock is shown when the screen is idle, you can switch to calculator mode by moving the button to the right side.

For the alarm, turns out there is an internal speaker under the numberpad, the sound is pretty much like a digital watch beep. It would be awesome if the alarm was using the phone bell, but I think it would need more than two AA batteries  ;D

After all, I can't make an outgoing call with the numberpad. It has always gone to non-existent numbers.
I suspect this is related to the calculator problem. The calculator problem is with number 3, 6, and 9, even if I called number other than those, it will go to a non-existent number -- (the operator would say 'The number you are calling does not exist.')
The dialling method is still using pulse, no tone generated when a number is pressed. I guess the problem is the pulse sent by the pad is incorrect.