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Bell Store Display Phones - NOT MINE

Started by HarrySmith, August 18, 2022, 03:56:15 PM

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A member of ATCA offered a collection of 5 phones with original boxes. They are phone center display items, no guts. I would have purchased them but it is not in the budget right now. Moving is expensive! Contact Herb. I figured since they are only for display this was the correct topic, if not, mods, feel free to move it.

Herb McCartney (279)

For Sale: Great buy. Five (5) new, in original WE boxes, 500 & 554 display sets. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS "NO" INSIDE EQUIPMENT IN ANY OF THEM. Still the outside top and bottom is complete and original just as it came off the assembly line. Beautiful unused models. Each has a dial that spins freely and seems to be a working dial. The receivers have new original transmitter and receiver units and each has an original spring cord. Each is in it's original marked and identified Western Electric box . Boxes are complete but show some wear from being stored. This is a great opportunity to get 5 different colors display phones from the 70's. Well worth the $30 per set for beautiful display and an even great buy if you have or can add the insides to make a workable phone. The two HW sets are Blue and Lt. Beige and each is marked "BD 554 1/75". The Red, Green and Yellow desk sets are marked "500 DD 11/74". Total pkg for $ 150.00 plus shipping.
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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