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Landline replacement - Cellular Gateway?

Started by stupido, September 26, 2022, 09:02:41 PM

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Hi everyone,

I recently got my Windstream bill for my landline.  Another rate increase.  It has more than doubled since May.  So,  I guess it is time to drop it.  I had this current phone number since 1992.  It went from GTE, Verizon, Altel and now Windstream.

So I want to port my number over. I have not been impressed with with VoIP.  Least my workplace's switch to 8x8.  Maybe it is better with other suppliers.  So I have been looking at cellular solutions.  There are several dubious gateways to be had on Ebay and Amazon.

But Consumer Cellular has the Home Base Phone Base for $73 and monthly plans as low as $15.  Much better than Windstream's current $74.  Consumer Cellular from I understand is a reseller of AT&T.  I have T-mobile for my cellphones but having a different carrier could be a plus.  Redundancy.

Compatibility with rotary dial phones is not necessarily as i could run the line through my NEC NEAX 2000 PBX.  I would be able to make outgoing calls but I could receive them (if I ever get the trunk programming correct).

So what options have you looked at?  Are there better VoIP options out there?

BTW,  I am sure Windstream is just going to keep jacking the rates up.  Kentucky has removed the landlines from the PSC oversight in the larger cities and the FCC says it's OK to drop support too.

Max (former GTE employee, Transmission)


I just posted on another thread that CenturLink here in the Portland, OR area is cutting off copper service and I have an "antique phone friendly" voip service. I can even get your current number ported.

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