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Restoration of an AE 35 after handset broken in shipment

Started by RDPipes, April 17, 2023, 11:44:11 AM

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I give up, in fact I question even purchasing anything fragile on eBay again. The seller was advised about how to pack and what would happen if they failed to. Yet they reply "No Problem" "Hope there's enough room in the Flat Rate Box for padding!" After replying and asking them to not ship in a Flat Rate Box they reply "Already Gone!" And then in another message explain to me "No matter how its packed USPS will destroy it anyway." And how they've been doing this for over 20,000 sales. Well, I hope he has a good plain on how to rectify his poor judgment. This was a AE35 in good condition before he decided to use one piece of bubble wrap and a box full of packing peanuts to pack it in a Flat Rate Box that barely fit the phone. Surprisingly the case came unscathed except a mark where the handset bang against it the entire trip.


Demand your money back, then refuse to return it to him.  Those "people" need to be taught a lesson.



 :(  That is the really nice AE handset too.

Negative feedback for bad packing required. He must be out of pocket with all those postage returns he has to pay for.

EBay should refund you. Let us know how you get on and what he replies with.

May we have an auction link?

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Quote from: MMikeJBenN27 on April 17, 2023, 12:10:14 PMDemand your money back, then refuse to return it to him.  Those "people" need to be taught a lesson.


Why do people do this just for the sake of a bit of wrapping material!!  :(
Whether @RDPipes has to return the phone to get a refund is at the discretion of the seller. Unless of course he refuses to deal with him and then eBay will step in.


Well, I got lucky this time, he's a much better man then a packer or listener, LOL!
We made a deal and he refunded me $42.50 for the damage to the handset, I think I'm real
lucky because the case didn't get damaged by the handset smacking it. And as luck or being
smart enough to have two of these handsets on hand in parts I was able to replace the handset.
Happy camper now that I have a AE35 even though it is only black in color. Now I can get rid
of my AE50.

CJ, I think posting the auction info will do more harm then good at this point. I've got the feeling
he might listen from now and probably do a much better job of least that's what I hope.
Still, outing him will do nobody any good. And I left him positive feedback because he was willing to make it right and admit he was wrong.


Here's a couple of photos of the phone after restoration and mounted on the wall where my AE50 was.

Doug Rose

It is a work of art............beautiful.....Doug


I'm glad it all worked out for you, but I would have outed him.