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Maximizing a single Obi200 for a Voice and a Fax line and Rotary phones

Started by markosjal, June 10, 2021, 04:44:20 AM

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Yes, I can get a DHCP address so just type that into the fixed IP address field?  And I still turn on the static mode right?  Thanks I will try later on tonight and hopefully it works.  Also do you mean that the default IP address that is set to it?


Worked like a CHARM you are the best!  Now I am going to configure both of them 😅!


Well it's not working.  Just configured google voice back into it and I am getting a token error.  I have not even configured the grandstream in and I am using the newest post that is on this page.  I am definitely not blaming you but something is oddly going on with the OBi200.  I can still login into it but doesn't want to talk the google voice, I was able to turn it back to DHCP and it's working again.  I am using the IP address of the OBI as the subnet mask.   Still needs working countie wishing me luck.


Okay, just got past through initial problems and was able to set static IP.  It halfway works, I am able to make outgoing phone calls but no incoming.  Checked both OBI and Grandstream.  I am using the older method as it seems to have more information then newer post.  Would like some help with it, also the phone light on the grandstream is not on? When lifting phone it blinks so it's not broken.  Oddly enough the grandstream says that it's not registered when logging into the grandstream.  I am on the latest firmware.  I can also do the newer method but it is kind of confusing for me.  We are almost here and probably will get it working.  Thanks.  When calling incoming the Grandstream doesn't ring but OBI does.   Thanks


The Grandstream DOES NOT REGISTER and you need to make sure the option to not register is selected.

The Grandstream can not register to the Obi the Obi has no way of handling an incoming registration, therefore we use IP Authentication.
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