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Weather and time #

Started by Kenny C, December 01, 2010, 02:44:49 AM

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Kenny C

Dial 1-800-WEATHER and see what ya get
In memory of
  Marie B.


I get a very choppy automated recitation of basic current weather conditions.  No forecast, though.  But we have WEather 6-1212 for that. 


Our Time, Temp and Weather number is still active, but they've changed from Lexcom to Windstream now. They were bought out a little over a year ago. Jane Barbe is still doing the voice work from the grave on all except the beginning "Windstream Time." Or whoever that is (maybe Pat Fleet?). She sounds like Jane to me, and it went in long before she died in 2003. She even recorded the ads (which are no longer there) and near the end I could hear how her voice had changed.

It's 336-CHestnut 3-2351 if you want to hear the weather for central NC.


My C*NET switch has a time number in Pacific Time 24 Hour format.

To access it via a portal dial
(952) 652-7000

ATT closed the time number which used to be POP-CORN.
C*NET # 794-5953 (KYLE)


And while we're on the subject, my Asterisk switch on C*NET offers these weather functions:

1-798-7004 - Weather for Los Angeles, live data from the Weather Channel
1-798-7005 - Weather for your zip code
1-798-7900 - A list of 50 numbers for 50 cities you can get the weather for without having to touch-tone in your zip code, for rotary dialers on C*NET

And of course, if you just want to TALK about the weather:

1-798-7619 8AM to 10PM Pacific Time gets me!  :)
Adam Forrest
Los Angeles Telephone - A proud part of the global C*Net System
C*Net 1-383-4820