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Restoring a WECO Soft Plastic Blue 500C/D

Started by, June 13, 2011, 06:55:58 PM

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I acquired this soft plastic blue WECo 500C/D from Vern Potter. The set was in generally good shape with a green cast and nicks and surface scratches. I removed the discoloration from the cord, and embossed areas of the shell and handset, using peroxide hair creme as described in another post. For the balance of the shell and handset: I hand sanded both with 400 grit wet/dry to fully restore the color followed by all grits of micro-mesh using a detail sander, and then buffing.



Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Here is another picture - of restored embossing - I thought I uploaded before.



Chuck, that's really beautiful work. You got it back to the true aqua blue color. You did a great job on the cord too. I also like the black masked number card.

I only have one suggestion that (forgive me) is one of those things that bothers only me. Please push the strain relief on the handset end of the coil cord in about an inch. Notice how it was in the "before" pictures. It needs to be more of an "innie" than an "outie."  :)

The peroxide hair creme did the trick on the logo area. Could you elaborate a little and tell why you only used it there and on the cords and not on the entire housing and handset? Were you concerned it would make it splotchy and uneven? Or since it was scratched, maybe you needed to sand anyway?


Creme versus sanding - I would say the latter. I sanded because the creme will not remove nicks and scratches. Also, while the creme seemed to work very well in this instance, tests I have performed on other old 500 shells showed me sanding more fully restores the color.


Doug Rose keep out doing yourself. I can't wait to see the next one. These just get better and better. What an outstanding phone. Your refurb skills are totally amazing. I am in awe. I think it time for a few pictures of these wonderful phones you are bringing back to life!.....WOW!....Doug

Kenny C

Every phone you do is an absolute work of art, and this is no exception. You did a fabulous job. It's perfect.
Kenny C.
In memory of
  Marie B.

Doug and Kenny:

Thank you for your kind words.