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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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ProTelX" PTX1970 - What have I done, again???

Started by twocvbloke, February 06, 2012, 04:05:28 PM

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On the inside, you can see the, erm, "quality" of the workmanship, and the slab of whatever metal that is to add weight to the phone... :o


The handset, it too is pretty flimsy, I'd be surprised if they stood the test of time like a genuine G-type & it's counterparts have, the screw holes were covered with some sticky foam pad things, rather than plastic caps... ???

At least if comes with standard RJ10 sockets on the base & handset, so that you can have a shorter or longer cable, unlike the steepletone which had a fixed-cable which was pretty tight to stretch... :-\


And last but not least, the dial, which also uses light switching, only, it uses a completely redneck way of doing it compared to the Steepletone's 4x IR lights & IR Receivers and the dial wheel with different notches cut out, this one uses white LEDs and LDRs with a lone hole in the wheel on the back of the dial, yes, LDRs, like what you'd use on an automatic nightlight to switch on in the dark and off in the light......... :o

The dial is also held in by 1 screw and a craptonne of hot glue... ::)


So there you have it, another of the last rotary phones, and to be honest, it's just plain awful, the Steepletone had more going for it than this one... :o

I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures, I used my phone, ironically, to take them, cos my camera's gone on holiday on it's own, either that or I've lost it... :D


I had a toy Trimphone when I was 5 that was better built than that lot...


hehe, I bet Steepletone Trimphones are better quality than this one too... :D


I thought I'd do a strength test on the handset earlier, and that thing is pretty flexible, I could twist it pretty easily, compare that to the handsets from both my 500s and the G-type handset in my 286A which do not twist at all...  :D

I'm not hooking it up to the phoneline at all, I don't like the wiring at all so don't want to risk damaging the line by hooking it up... :P