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Sanding Plastic Phone Help

Started by maxmix, March 06, 2013, 03:51:26 AM

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Hi Guys,

I'm sure someone may have answered this before, but I can't find this answer, so maybe someone can advise me.

I've had fill and sand my discoloured Grey GPO706, result, a original light grey patch on a otherwise discoloured phone.

Therefore, I decided to sand the whole of the phone, I used 400 grade paper, followed by 1200 grit, polishing with novus 3 & 2.

The result, a phone now covered with scratches.

I realise that i have to use progressively fine paper, which I have ordered.

My question is, do I sand in the same direction? Or, do I sand at right angles?? Or how do I sand???

Thanks, looking foward to your answers


So, what's all this about Phones???

Dennis Markham


My experience is to sand in opposite directions.  No circular sanding.  Sand back and forth with one grade of paper, then on the next higher grade sand up and down.  After one direction is complete, dry (you're using wet-sand paper) or let the plastic dry and then inspect.  I like to inspect it in bright light under magnification.  If any of the previous sanding marks are still visible, go over the area again with the current grade of sandpaper/cloth sheets (If you're using MicroMesh).  Of course for the first sanding layer you can move directly to step #2.

If you started with 400 grit, I would then use 800 grit, 1000, 1500, 1800, 2400 and so on up to the final grade of 12,000 (again, if using Micro Mesh).  The first couple of steps are the most critical.  I believe the first step of the process is what repairs scratches or imperfections.  The remaining steps are simply to hide the original sanding marks.  It's a tedious process that will improve with experience.

Good luck.


Many Thanks Dennis, I'll let you know how I get on ;)
So, what's all this about Phones???


Finally almost finished sanding my phone (geez isn't it tiresome sanding phones??) only the finest grit to go!

However, I noticed that the deep scratches that I filled with superglue/filings from the inside of the phone, are now visible as white lines, you cannot feel them, you can see them however :-\, will these disapear when I polish it with novus??? ???

Sorry to ask so many silly questions, but all this is new to me!!!!!!
So, what's all this about Phones???

Dennis Markham

I don't know if those marks will disappear.  I've never filled scratches with super glue.  If I had to guess, I'd say no, they won't disappear.  You'll find out soon. 


I have never had much success filling scratches or holes in plastic with anything.  There have been discussions here about dissolving bits of plastic for mending cracks and the like, but it is not a simple process, and I have never tried it.  Sanding plastic is one of the least enjoyable tasks I know.  I recently sanded a Telechron Airlux 1930s acrylic clock.  That was the worst plastic sanding experience I have had.  The acrylic plastic emits a nauseating smell when sanded.