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Loeffler Telephone (New York)


At €481 (approximately $558) I unfortunately had to let this stylish intercom pass me by.  :(

‘Loeffler-Phone’ was founded by Louis J Loeffler in New York City in 1897.

Loeffler Telephone Company manufactured wall and candlestick intercoms systems for upscale apartments and homes in the Manhattan area.

These don’t come up often. Adding here for prosperity.

Ok, now that is a new one on me...
Interesting, and expensive :o

The above Loeffler sold for $558 in today's dollars.

We had 3 similar phones in the Auction Contests as follows:

A DeVeau that sold for $545 in 2008

A Lord Electric Company that sold for $431 in 2014


A another DeVeau that sold for $472.99 in 2015

Anyone interested in seeing the Auction Contest phones can find them here:


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