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I have started this thread for those of you who are new to eBay, so you can understand some of the terms used by eBay sellers.

Aged Patina - Filthy
Antique 1970's phone - I don't know what Antique means
Art Deco - Made before 2000
As Is - Good luck getting a refund
Attic Find - Been left in a hot atmosphere for years

Bakelite Just Shines - Liberally coated with Skin-So-Soft
Bakelite Phone - Plastic phone
Barn Fresh - When opening the shipping box, wear a full decontam suit, respirator and have a can of bug spray at hand
BNIB - Brand new in box but bottom of box has been bashed so hard the paint is peeling off.
Brand New In Box - Brand new in box but bottom of box has been bashed so hard the paint is peeling off.
Brown Phone - Grey phone

Condition Is Used - Used is not a "condition" of a item: conditions are excellent, good, fair & poor, not used
Clean - Passed a rag over it to remove some of the dust

Eames Era - We put grandma in a home and now we have to sell her stuff.
Ended by Seller due to Listing Error - Sold so fast I must have under priced it so cancelled the sale to relist it at a higher price
Estate Sale - Garage/Yard Sale
Exclusive to Us - I made it
Extension Telephone - Ringer not working
Extremely Rare - Even thought there are others for sale just like it on eBay right now
Extremely Rare - This is the only one I have

(famous personís) phone - We were told that so itís true and worth a lot of money
For parts or restoration - I have used all the good parts for restoration of another phone
French Style Phone - Danish style phone

Good condition for it's age - It's beat to crap and broken but hey it's 60 years old what do you expect.
Green Phone - Blue phone

I did not clean it - I started to clean it but soon realized the dirt was hiding all the cracks in the Bakelite
I don't know if it works - It doesn't work
I haven't looked inside - I have looked inside and I'm saying nothing
I know nothing about this phone - What I do know I'm keeping to myself
In good used condition - A piece of crap
Incredible Patina - Really bad paint job that's peeling off
Industrial - An obscure piece of crap of unknown purpose that no one wants
International Seller - Good luck getting an email back

Like New - Beat to crap
Like New - But only on the outside
Lucy Phone - I charge $150 extra for my exquisite polishing job.

Make Offer - I don't know how to remove the Make Offer option
May need Internal Parts - I don't know what was in those gaps
Mid-Century Modern - My parents were going to throw it out but I took it instead
Mint Condition - I think that it looks alright
Mint In Box - Only thing that would cover the smell
Museum Piece - The guy at the museum said it was a piece of %$#@&
Museum Piece - Bought in a museum gift shop

Needs TLC - Parts phone at best
New - Used
Nice Creamy Color - Smokey White color
No Reserve - My shill bidders are on hand if necessary
NOS - Not Obviously Scratched
NOS - Not Old Stock, I think but not sure
Not sure if all the parts are there - Please see my other auctions for magneto, condenser, and ringer
Not sure if its a reproduction - Bought it from PHONECO
Not working - We didn't test it at all
Not working - We didn't test it properly

One of a Kind - I had some glue and craft rubbish so I upcycled it
One of these sold recently for £1000 Ė Iím expecting no less for mine
Original Black Paint That Just Shines - Liberally coated with Skin-So-Soft
Original Cables - Cables need replacing
Original Two Tone Phone - Originally two broken phones
Other Courier - Costs £10 and takes a week; Royal Mail would cost £5 and delivered it next day

Patented 1892 - Patented 1913
Phone Lamp - I had no idea what this was worth so I wasted my time destroying and devaluing it
Primitive - A complete piece of crap
Princess Phone - Trimline

Rare Brown Bakelite - Well handled black Bakelite

Shabby Chic - A piece of crap
Shed Find - Been left in a damp atmosphere for years
Shines Like New - Liberally coated with Skin-So-Soft
Slight damage - Has huge cracks with superglue slopped all over
Sold for Parts/Spares - Nothing will get this working. Weíve tried
Steampunk - Brassed out piece of crap

The Pictures form part of the Description - I can't be bothered to list all it's faults
These Phones Do Not Have A Ringer Inside - Subset not included, but hot it's hot wired to work and pops loudly when dialing
This item is advertised elsewhere - If the bidding doesn't go high enough I'm ending the auction

Unique - Frankenphoned
Untested - Broken and beat to crap
Untested - I already know it's broken so I didn't bother testing it
Unusual Raised Monogram - . . . somebody put a sticker on it
Upgraded Receiver/Transmitter to a better one - I used what I had in the drawer
Used - Broken

Well Used- Broken, beat to crap, missing most parts
Western Electric? - Kellogg
What you see is what you get - What you don't see is what you get
Worked the last time I tried it - It worked, then there was a pop, a flash, some smoke and now I'm selling it "as is"

Yard Sale/Boot Sale Find - I paid $2, you pay $200
Your item is marked as Shipped - It's Sunday 11 pm, eBay thinks it's sent, that's good enough until I get around to shipping it


Both organizations below are wonderful resources for collectors of any level and if not already a member, consider joining one (or both) for full access to the organizations

Member ATCA - Seller is a member of the Antique Telephone Collectors Association, an association of antiques who collect telephones
Member TCI - Seller is a member of Telephone Collector's International, a group devoted to promoting all aspects of telephone collecting

Updated 12/3/2020

I must say, this is the funniest thing I've read in a while.

Another one for you:

Like new - but only on the outside


Art Deco - made before 2000
Mint Condition - I think that it looks alright

Unique - Frankenphoned

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