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FREE *** Gone - 552 Board (Console)

Started by Phonesrfun, July 02, 2018, 01:04:24 PM

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I posted an ad for this last year and it is still in my garage.  Here is the original ad:

Please, someone take this off my hands.

I have a very decent 552 console only (No switch).  This is a very nice piece.  I have had it for several years, but have not put it in service.  The board came from a commercial bank that opened in Yakima, WA in the early 60's.  I have that provenance pretty well documented.  It has a good 10 feet of cable coming out the back, and all the console is quite complete.  Although it is dusty from sitting in my garage for a few years, it cleans up very well.  Price?  Well, pretty cheap.  I would give it to a good home, but I cannot take it to you.  You would have to come here to get it. That would be Walla Walla, WA.  Where the heck is that??  Southeast Washington State.  About 250 miles from each of Portland, OR or Seattle, WA.I will post some pictures if anyone is interested.  Oh, by the way, unlike a 555, it does not come apart and is fairly heavy.  It will fit in a pickup or a full size van, but not your average SUV and definitely not a car.PM me if interested.
-Bill G

Dan F