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Hi from Ireland

Started by patcorr, March 16, 2015, 08:44:21 PM

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Hi all,

I am new here. Just to say hello. My name is Pat and I'm a phone-a-holic! I got the bug and find it hard to let go of it. I look forward to hearing from you all in the future. Happy St Patricks Day too!

Sláinte mhaithe,


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What a coincidence! An Irishman named Pat joins this spunky little group on the night before St. Patrick's Day!! ;)

Welcome! What sort of phones do you collect? American? European? Must be pretty expensive getting our American phones across the pond!
Christian Petterson

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Welcome to CRPF, what part of Ireland are you in?

Doug / Autonut


@WEBellSystemChristian - Hi, I have been sourcing telephones locally in Ireland as much as possible, but they are getting hard to come by now at a decent price. Car boot sales are the best option, but getting parts for them is like trying to find hens teeth! I have looked in to getting some from the USA as I would like to get a few 2500's, but they cannot be got here in Ireland.

@Autonut - I am in Kilkenny (Southeast)


Quote from: patcorr on March 16, 2015, 09:11:56 PM@Autonut - I am in Kilkenny (Southeast)

Ah, like the beer!  I have in-laws in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.


Welcome to our little asylum! The first step is admitting the disease. Phoneitis is progressive and incuragle!
Happy St, Paddys Day!
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Russ Kirk

Welcome!  Please post some photos of your phones.
- Russ Kirk


Yes exactly where the beer comes from. Alas the brewery closed last year and it is now brewed elsewhere :(

My collection has gotten a lot smaller, but I have some interesting pieces. I will post a few pictures later


and Happy St Patricks Day  :)


Mr. Bones

Welcome, patcorr!

Dia dhuit! Conas ata tu?

Foighne agus fáilte romhat...

I hope I did okay, I can only speak a wee bit of Irish Gaelic, and reading/writing is much harder! :o

I am very glad you're here, and look forward to seeing your collection. (We wants pictures!) ;)

Best regards!
   Mr. Bones
      Rubricollis Ferus


Hi Mr. Bones!

100%, couldn't have put it better myself  :)

I have pictures of my collection up since earlier today, but that will be all different by tomorrow! I sold two today and collecting another 2 over the next couple of days  :)

I will keep ye all posted



Quote from: patcorr on March 16, 2015, 09:11:56 PM

Car boot sales are the best option...

Car boots? Is the rain in Ireland so bad the cars wear boots?

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ha ha, it's the Irish and English equivalent of the Jumble sale or flea market


A car boot is what we call a trunk. Therefore a boot sale is a fleamarket or outdoor market people setting up tables and selling out of their car trunks or trucks.
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