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Hi from Australia

Started by Faza, April 30, 2015, 10:22:42 PM

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Hi I'm an extreme newb at restoring/ repairing phones so thought I would check out the forums on here and ask for guidance.
I work at what used to be an oil refinery that has succumbed to the pressures from overseas refineries and has recently been turned into a import terminal only.
During the conversion I rescued an old phone that was being thrown away, the phone was there when I started 30 years buit hasn't worked for at least ten years.
If anyone can help identify the model that would be great.
The handset has northern telecom on it.
I will post in the telephone repair forum for help.


Cool! It's great you know the history of it! As mentioned on your other post, it had to be hooked to something when it was being used. There should be a PBX or maybe even a switchboard somewhere that is probably not being used anymore. You can probably "rescue" that too! You should check with your IT guy, he would know for sure!
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Although the refinery is being demolished the site is staying as a import terminal so any PBX or switchboard would still be in use.


Harry is correct.    The set you have is the Canadian version made by Northern.    Attached are 2 pages out of Northern's T-9 Catalog - 1962.