"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Hello folks - BDM

Started by BDM, September 14, 2008, 02:20:23 AM

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Thought I'd make a little noise. I've come over from Presently, I have a fairly good size W.E. desk set collection. Here's one of my daily drivers. Sorry but the pic quality isn't all that good. It's off a little in color, and it has a dusty look. It's not.

St Clair Shores, MI


Welcome aboard, BDM!  I have a 202 at my elbow, now.  It's always been my favorite.

Mark Stevens

Yes, welcome, BDM! I've got to have a talk with Santa... everyone's got a 202 but me!  :'(


Beautiful phone.  It has that look so many of the older phones have that says, "Yeah, I'm going to be around working well into the 22nd century."


Here's another daily driver, though un-hooked right now. This was found about 20+ years ago as an utter & complete basket case. I mean this thing looked like it was dragged behind a salt truck. I found it at a flea market. I'm talking one of those places that masqueraded as a flea market, but was actually a junkyard of everything man ever made. This place had been there a good 50 years to boot.

Anyhow, I was looking for antique radios, when under a desk I see this poor example of a telephone, along with a metal body 302(H1) set. Bought both for a whopping $5. The 302 was/is in fairly good shape. Still have it. About 13 years ago I stripped this CS, gutted it and started from scratch. The No. #2 dial made it into my parts bin. I installed a 4H dial and microphone from a latter 500 set. I never cared for the way solid back or button barrier transmitters sounded. Painted it and installed original stock cords. Works like a charm now.



St Clair Shores, MI