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CEECO coin controllers

Started by MADhouseTelephone, March 31, 2018, 03:56:42 PM

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Don't  know if anyone is familiar with these, but I have several in a rack. These decode MF tones over a trunk and provide local coin and ring back power. I don't  see any provision for local control. I'd like to know if anyone has developed a circuit  (possibly asterisk based) that would send MF to these units for toll calls.
ADavid, MADhouse Telephone


CEECO made both SF Multiwink and MF you have.  They were for TSP operators to control coin/ringing.  Local calls were handled by the local switch.

This is an old post so I assume by now you have it working.


 I have the practice for both.  No local control that was handled by other parts of the crossbar or step switch.  My CNET phone is 1-373-9001 or 1-373-9616.  You need 3 power voltages to make it work.


I have a 200 line AE SxS with local coin control circuits (see picture) and the power supplies for coin control functions. Every time I start working on hooking them up, something else drags me away. I plan to hook the CEECO controllers into the outgoing trunks (1+ numbers) so my Asterisk can provide coin control on "Long Distance" (anything outside the property) calls. I have 6 paystations ready to go into operation when I get the trunks up and running.

By the way, I have the 624 prefix on C*NET.

ADavid, MADhouse Telephone
ADavid, MADhouse Telephone


Very Cool! Let us know when it is working so we can try it out.
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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