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Digital Camera Problem

Started by LarryInMichigan, February 22, 2023, 07:34:36 PM

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A friend who thinks that I can fix anything brought me his daughter's Canon IXUS 190 camera with a lens which does not move when the camera is powered on.  There seems to be no sound of a motor trying to extend and open the lens, and after several seconds, the camera beeps and displays a "Lens Error".  I have tried to clean out any dust and grit inside the camera, but that has not helped.  Does anyone here have any experience with these camera problems or any advice?  A new camera of this model is about $200.

Thank You



Sounds like the lens is jammed and the motor is unable to move it thus giving an error although I'm no camera expert in any stretch of the imagination.
Because this is a lower end model it would probably cost $200 to have it fixed by a Canon repair facility. That's my guess anyway having had my hands in a lot of things to repair like this and not like this.


The Canon "Lens Error" malfunction is well-known and goes back more than a decade. Canon used to repair at least some of their cameras with this error at no charge regardless of warrantee status. (I took advantage of this policy once myself.) I don't know if this policy is still in effect. You'll have to do some searching.