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Brass WE 40al?

Started by wds, August 11, 2014, 05:51:43 PM

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I had always been under the impression that 40al's were always steel, with the treated Bower-Barff finish.  I can't tell if the shaft is also brass.  Given the incorrect handset, this one could be a collection of spare parts, but the brass perch is quite interesting.



40-AL perches are always brass, the shaft and base are the parts that are steel.  If you are lucky you can find a perch and hook that are painted to match the Bower-Barff finish.  Most perches I have seen are re-painted black.
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


I guess I should have looked at my 40al before I posted the question.  Definitely brass.  Looks like someone probably built this phone out of spare parts.