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Please help ID receiver that came with Century Split shaft!

Started by rfkimba, September 11, 2014, 04:16:40 AM

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Dear Guys,
I purchased a beautiful Century split shaft from a senior collector nearby who is thinning his herd. I am unable to ID the receiver. It looks distinctly different from the WE, SC, Kellogg and   Dean receivers I have. It looks like unclear  photo images  I have of receivers with Connecticut, Monarch and SH Couch phones.
Can anyone help with the ID? If so is there an approximate retail value?
Thanks again for your expert advice.
Bob Farber
ATCA 3685


Bob, the insides are the same as my split shaft receiver.  The shell is similar and the cap is different.  My split shaft shell has a more rounded top and the Century marked cap has rounded edges.
Craig Stanowski


Craig ,
If you get an opportunity can you please post some photos of the named receiver so I know  exactly what to hunt for  if I get a matching receiver.
ATCA 4685


Bob, here are some pictures of my Century Split Shaft receiver.  The bottom of the cap is marked "Century Tel. Const. Co. Buffalo N.Y.".

Craig Stanowski