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Conneticut Potbelly with Holtzer Cabot OST for $1800 ,FEEDBACK REQUESTED

Started by rfkimba, October 07, 2014, 04:26:57 AM

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Dear Guys,
I was offered the attached Connecticut potbelly with Holtzer Cabot OST for $1800 from a senior fellow local collector who is  thinning his herd. It has 30%  of the original nickel left and has a one inch crack mid shaft. Overall it is good condition considering its age. A similar phone with a different transmitter/ mouthpiece and better nickel , also cracked sold for $2200 on Ebay on 9/17/14
The receiver is in excellent condition. I was considering purchasing and having the crack repaired by John Larose and then renickeled for about $350.
Q1) Can anyone comment  on an estimated value for the phone as is ?
Q2) Would welding the crack and renickeling so it is like new add or decrease its value ?
Q3) Does this indeed appear to be a Connecticut pot?
Your knowledgeable feedback is  most appreciated.
Bob Farber
ATCA 4685