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Kellogg Candlesticks - needing info

Started by olderdude60, April 09, 2012, 09:02:37 PM

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Hi all - well I'm removing the old paint from two Kellogg Candlestick phones my aunt gave me decades ago because I loved old phones.  These were electrified and turn into "lamps".......sigh  Anyway, I've removed the paint and Larry has helped me a lot already.  Question is, how in the world are they wired - I've not been able to find a wiring diagram unless I'm looking "for love in all the wrong places" .....oppps. I mean wiring diagrams in all the wrong places.

These two phones have Chicago, USA stamped on the receivers.  They're missing the transmitters and transmitter holder.  They have 118 stamped on the receiver cradle as well.  That's the only marking I can find.

Also, any hints on getting the darned ear cups off of them - gosh i'm pretty strong and can't budge em at all!



Nice old sticks. I have no experience with Kellogg sticks but there is a guy on the lists called "Kellogg Mike". This is his site:
He is a great guy with tons of knowledge on everything Kellogg, if you don't find what you want send him an email, he is sure to have the info you need.
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I think that I used this diagram: link when I wired my Kellogg CS.