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AE 21 Candlestick Subset

Started by wds, February 25, 2013, 08:11:05 PM

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Picked up this nice AE wood subset ringer box.  Black paint is a little faded, but otherwise in great shape.  Can someone help me with the wiring?  The diagram is pretty much like the one in the TCI library, but this box is not wired like the diagram.  The coil seems to be wired the opposite of the diagram.  The diagram shows coil side 2 & 1 on the L1 side, mine is wired 4 & 3 on the L1 side.  Does it matter which side of the coil is L1 or L2?

The wiring seems to be all original, and not tampered with.  Frequency ringer, but rings nice and loud.