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james garner

Started by david@london, July 27, 2014, 11:50:32 AM

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Watched it today.

Was surprised at the range of phones used in the movie. The 1960 movie opens with that black multi-line, moves to 302s (with and without dials) in various scenes, then maybe a 5302 or early black 500 and then that 554 rose beige wall phone. As usual, prop masters using what's at hand in the prop room, not what would be technically correct. The 302s seemed out of place.

But, quite a nice ride in that yellow Douglas A-26B Invader, a plane originally used in WW-II, Korea and Nam.


This is from about 5 minutes into Season 1, Episode 1: Backlash of the Hunter.

How time flies, 48 years ago.

And still better than most contemporary flash, bang CGI faire.

Full series is on the ROKU Channel, for free.


Loved his Westerns like "Duel at Diablo" and the series "Maverick".
Sorry to see him go, RIP sir.


Looking at that ad makes me think his clients weren't too swift on the uptake.  how many of all of the cases were criminal?  ;D 
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