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AE 34 Coding Question, Need help identifying part of code

Started by RotoTech99, March 07, 2020, 04:52:10 PM

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Good Afternoon, Forum:

I have an AE 34 I'd please like some help identifying part of the coding on it... The base code is as follows:

AL 220 ** 33. The part of the code represented by asterisks here I wasn't able to read clearly, partly due, to the darkness of the base compared to the ink it was stamped with.

I'm thinking that the code was either "AO" for dial, or "BO" for a dial blank. The "33" code I believe meant my set had an 33-1/3 ringer at one point.

There is also an "AF3" code stamped near one end of the base I'm curious about.

The stamped ink patent decal had 6 parents listed, I didn't see a DES. #.

I'd be most thankful if the Forum can help answer my questions I've posted.

BTW: I was unable to get clear enough photos of the codes so I had to copy them by hand.