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Date codes on Decotel DAG-1332 with AE internals

Started by RotoTech99, November 23, 2020, 08:46:30 AM

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Dear Forum:

I have a Deco-Tel DAG-1332B series cradlephone with AE internals that I've found what appears to be date coding on them I'd like some help with figuring out what the dates might be on the internals, please.

I didn't see the date code or model number on the label; it most likely faded out, but I do believe the label is original to the phone.

There is also a serial number 008752 which leads me to think my cradlephone is from an early run.

The components with date codes are:

Network WA-1154A OL6
Hookswitch AM24
Type 46 Ringer AM11 (not with black base; prior to 10-72)

The apparatus plate fastens directly to the bottom of the housing,and the above components are mounted on the plate; there is no plastic plate over the apparatus plate. (See attached photo)

It also has 4 large conical shape rubber feet rivited to the apparatus plate. It also has the hookswitch actuator for the Series G that is mounted directly on the cradle arm shafts inside the base.

My guess is my cradlephone was made in the early 1970's, probably between 1970 and 1973 before the D Series which had changes internally.

If the forum can give me some clues, ideas, opinions, etc. that might hep me get a better idea when it was built would be appreciated, and thanks in advance given.

I've provided a picture of the apparatus plate as its mounted on my phone.



Is that a chest phone?
I've had several, all dated in the eairly 80's.
Mine all had WE guts or generic like ITT.
I just went by the dates on the components.
I know its not much help, but around here AE stuff just wasn't around.


Dear Key2871:

Hi, it's a Cradlephone with Mediterranean pickled wood look. The 2 letter, 1 or 2 digits I found on the components I assumed was the date code for that component.

The original receiver was dated 9-60.

I'm thinking that this phone was one before they were made buyable.

If ATC started producing and building sets for specific telcos with the companies components before offering them for direct sale, that might explain the abscence of the ATC coding.

I know most ATC sets have a copyright or patent mark of 1973, but is it possible they were making sets on a order basis before that; around 1970-1973?



Dear Key2871:

While I was looking on Ebay, i found a couple more ATC Cradlephones like the one in my current topic with the same style baseplate, and read the date codes and model numbers on the lablel... I didn't see a serial number, though.

One was marked DAG-1330B with the ATC code 140001 (January 1970), the other was marked CSC-1330B with the date code 140002 (Feb. 1970?) It had a Stromberg Carlson dial.

So, I'm guessing that style of apparatus plate was only used for a few years at best guess

BTW: My cradlephone has the screw-on metal viewport caps on the handset, I have another cradlephone that is nearly identical but has the apparatus plate with the plastic coverplate.

The coverplate on it carried the model number of a different cradlephone, so I guess it had been in for refurb or repair at one point.


As far as I know ATC didnt produce sets that eirly. More in the 70's 80's and some 90s.
Have you looked on Paul F's  site about your phone? That's where I would start, I think you might get your questions answered there.


Dear Key2871:

I'm thinking as you are that the sets with the baseplate like mine were produced in the 1970's, not earlier; but I think they were being made for the telco's at the time under placed orders, specifying the configuration, and components desired;  GTE mentions in the specialty sets practices that early sets would have Stromberg components, usually an apparatus plate with SC network,hook, and ringer, but the dial was an AE 51 dial; later ones used all AE components.

I checked Paul's site and found only info. for the WE versions.

So I think there is some evidence for what I'm thinking.



Dear Key2871:

In the GTE Shop procedure I mentioned, it said that for Series G Cradle phones made after 1971 (ATC Date code 142000) that a exploded view of the phone and a parts list was available, but apparently no written pratice procedure.

I don't know if this was true with other companies that carried the G Series, but I'm guessing the drawing and parts sheet was kept as some G series sets were still around after the D Series was introduced.

Probably G Series practice info was deleted when this happened.