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old Danish phone

Started by long jumper, August 15, 2022, 04:40:46 PM

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Skip the zener, if the capacitor is ratet at least 1.3 x the line voltage, and use this:

long jumper

Sorry to be such a pain. I want to make sure before I order that it's correct. I have a 48 volt line. Going to use a 63 volt 1000uf capacitor ,a 150k ohm resistor 1watt, will this work. please let me know thanks


The specifications are OK. The wattage of resistor is far oversized but that won't hurt.


The idea of the circuit is to charge the capacitor from the line, to not draw to much current normally, or when ringing the pretty high ohm capacitor is there, at the same time the resistor enshure the circuit to not lower the speach volume. The rectifier diode is only to protect the capacitor from beeing charged with wrong polarity. The capacitor is big enough to "act as a battery or power source" for giving the counter one step pulse.  All is sized by testing on my phone on both 24 and 48 V.

long jumper

Thanks for all your help. I will let you all know after i get all the parts. Ok installed.

long jumper

Finally installed 150k resistor  and 63 volt capacitor according to diagram. Wired resistor between positive line to positive side of capacitor both resistor and capacitor on terminal J other side of capacitor terminated  on - side of line. Could not break dial tone when dialing. Need some help please

long jumper

Posting of a photo of the resistor in a capacitor in this circuit


I do only have the D30, but looking at the pictures and diagrams this seem not right.  Sometimes the diagram we find is for a different version, but suggestion is to try like this:diagram.jpg

If you still cant go on hook, it may be the original capacitor that is shorted, try to disconnect one wire in the ringer circuit.

I have marked the 2 line wires with blue.

long jumper

No luck with getting  call counter to to work. Ringer still works,wiring diagram that you have shown is not what my phone has.  The switchbook has 4 wires versus the 5 you have on your diagram. My phone is a 1933 model. Don't know if I can find a wiring diagrams for this phone. That would really help. Over all your pics have some other
 Differences. Anyway thanks for your input


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long jumper

The last photo that fab posted has the same amount of terminal screws 11 as my phone but from what i can see wiring is some what different. I was hoping that someone could come up with the wiring diagram for this phone. Phone works great just wanted to try to get call counter to work.if it's not to complex. I think with a wiring diagram with  all your help it could be done.


Then we have to start from scratch. Are you able to get the phone working except from the counter?

When that's done we have to measure to where the counter is connected.   Originally it was so hen you moved the dial out of rest position  (without any hence of it was off hook or on hook) the counter did count 1 step as soon as the dial got out of rest position, but only for the first digit. 

long jumper

Yes phone works great.Traced out wires from wire goes to dial the other goes to terminal strip shown on photo no wire on other side I indicated with yellow line.which on other drawing was J.Red and green are incoming line. starting from top photo count down space 3,4,5,go to handset space 8 incoming line cord ties to green wire.inside 4prong jack space 9 incoming line green also on space 9 goes to handset space 10 empty other side goes to 11 incoming line  red wire. I will try to post photos. I do think you were correct in you original drawing. I wonder if counter is defective?


Quote from: long jumper on September 23, 2022, 08:29:28 PMI wonder if counter is defective?

That's what I was thinking.

Have you isolated (disconnected) the counter from the circuit and used a low voltage DC source (6 volt battery?" to make it increment?

long jumper

Just tried 6 volt DC no movement small shaft turns free but no movement. Going to try to open up  counter or if you think 48 volts would be ok