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My WE 701B

Started by RotoTech99, September 12, 2022, 12:55:38 PM

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Dear CRPF :

Attached are a couple photos of my WE 701B Princess that I've been working with for a couple of months.

The old base pad was replaced due to brittleness, and I used a pad from a 1980's Princess to replace and trim it to fit as best I could, and gently textured it so it wouldn't slide as much ; it was originally almost smooth with little grip.

The housing was most likely for a 702B,but had the places for "mouse hole" cutouts as a 701B would have, so I carefully cut out the openings for where the 701B cords would go.

I did the peroxide gel treatment and got it to a shade of white I liked.

It does not have the internal weight, if I can't find it, I'd like to find one that can sit underneath the dial.

I reproduced the original markings that were on the set with my label maker that was covered by china marker or some mark that doesn't remove easily,
So that was covered over by paint pen that closest matched the cadmium color  the sheen is because the labels are laminated.

I'm using it with a E1CM ringer.

The bulb holder and bulb are from a 702/2702 Princess as I didn't have the screw in holder and bulb, but hope to find them.

The number card is the word Princess on a round paper disc.

All feedback and replies are welcome with Thanks.



The weight goes on the left side where that square terminal block now is.  It weighs about what a small ringer would weigh, so that both ends of the phone weigh about the same.




That I know, the only place I can locate it is with OPW in Canada at present.

I'm not enthusiastic about int'l fees which turns a $9 item into $20... That is too much for that.

I'll keep looking around, though.



According to Paul F's site, the weight wasn't added until 1962, so your 1959 is correct without a weight.  My '59 doesn't have one either.


Hi, would it hurt anything to add a small weight under the dial?

I thought of doing that so I could add weight, but keep the appearance generally the same...

BTW: What did you think of my use of a 1980's Princess base pad on the bottom?

I'm thinking of adding a color coordinated line cord using some white modular line cord so that the line cord would be white as well.

I don't have many color line cords, but I do that for as many phones as I think it might look good with.

What do you think on this?

Previously, I've added some color line cords to some sets that are close to the sets color that some find asthetically pleasing.



It would probably help some, and like you said, would not change the appearance of the phone.



Thanks, good idea.

I'm looking already to see what turns up.