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GTE 120 Automatic Electric Rotary Payphone

Started by allnumbedup, September 22, 2022, 03:44:12 PM

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I found this rotary GTE payphone at my usual local outdoor flea market for $35. It has a satin chrome/ black/ and grey finish. I've been reading the threads on this model and am thinking about how best to restore it with or without opening it so  thought best to ask some questions first:

1. How are the instruction cards installed? Is the chrome faceplate held from the back/inside and the cards applied first before reinstalling it or are they installed from the front like stickers?

2. The handset has the blue-now green grommet and looks like others on GTE 120 payphones I have seen. It lacks the typical back ridge of AE 80's and has no markings...but are the caps removable?

3. I do not have a T- key or BJ0004 key.  Can the housing and bottom be unlocked but closed with the t key alone? (wishful thinking)

thanks in advance, JC
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The dial on this set requires either the plastic fingerwheel with the number sticker or the chrome metal one with the locating punch marks. Older finger wheels will just spin around on the round hub .