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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Telephone testing tools

Started by bdoss2006, November 11, 2022, 11:37:22 PM

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I have watched videos on the A1 telephone repair YouTube channel and he had different machines to test phones with. What do you call them and where can you find them? I have found a ring generator online but I am curious about tools to test other functions. Right now I have to just use my phone line to test it which is somewhat inconvenient.


The most popular tester is the BK Precision 1045 (or 1045A or 1045B).  It conveniently tests voice, ringing, tone dialing and rotary dialing.  It does not do any quantitative tests, such as dial speed.


I fooled my selves to buy a BK Precision 1050, ;D It was not actually as good as I believed it should be. 
A lot of wayst to test a phone, but not if it is accuratly tuned.  E.g. it may accept the dialing from a phone that will not work on a PABX because the touch tones are not accurate, or the dial is to fast... etc. etc.
On the other hand it is nice for testing if you are having a phone that works or not. It has made it more easy for me, so I m happy to have that.
Since the one I got from Israel actually was made for 115V, I had to put in a transformer to reduce the voltage, but 50 or 60 Hz mains does not matter as far as I have observed.
What else may you use to test your phones?
If you have a known working hand cranked phone you are able to test the ringers, if the magneto phone is a field telephone EE-8 or newer you may add voltage in series with the pphones (9V batteies, one or two in series depending on the phones) You may teste voice in both directions, you may hear rotary pulses, or DTMF but not knowin if they are OK. 
An ATA will usually accept DTMF, and if that's OK it will usually be OK :)
Dials may be extremely accuratly measured with software that has been mentioned in this forum in a lot of thereads. One here:



A forum search for "telephone tester" will give you lots of info on some of the popular models we have discussed.

Also, search for "telephone line simulator." These can provide simple function tests, and in addition are useful for hooking together several phones for demonstrations.
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line




also this is a screenshot from a video on the a1 telephone YouTube channel. What exactly are these tools? I see a bk precision 1045a and a 1050 and I think some kind of oscilloscope. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what tools it is good to have for phone repair?


With the acquisition of a couple of pieces of test equipment, I found myself looking for "between series" adapters to go between RJ-11, alligator clips, WE 310 plugs, etc. So I chopped up some wood ("breadboarding" survives into the new millennium!) and built a "universal" adapter. It has already come in quite handy.

Binding posts, RJ and TRS (stereo) jacks on the front, 4-pin wall jack on the rear and a terminal strip for probing (with labels) in the middle.