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Strongberg Carlson

Started by long jumper, November 09, 2023, 11:36:36 PM

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long jumper

Seen a 1543 Strongberg Carlson for sale, just wanted to know if any one can tell me if these phones can work on a standard phone line ? Also has a frequency ringer. Only has 2 conductors to handset. I think it's from late 1940;s


It should function on a standard telephone line, except for the ringer. However, if you are using a VOIP line such as MagicJack, most of these type lines do not recognize rotary dial pulses.
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After replacing the handset cord - the correct one has three conductors, but you can use a four conductor if you can figure out wiring diagrams, and replace the frequency ringer with a Straight-Line ringer, it will work fine.  If the frequency ringer in it now is a 20 cycle ringer, it will work on most private lines.  A 33 cycle ringer will work on some.


long jumper

Ok thanks for advice, Ringer is 63 2/3 HZ


Not an easy solution, but the ringer may be adjusted to lower Hz by adding more wight to the hammer, and increase the capacitor to higher value, maybe as much as 1 uF


Quote from: long jumper on November 10, 2023, 08:46:09 AMOk thanks for advice, Ringer is 63 2/3 HZ
Not that it makes much difference, but as indicated in the description, your set was probably manufactured during a span of 1950-1956 and the ringer frequency would have been 66-2/3 and not what I would assume to be a typo, 63-2/3. Either way, it would still be difficult to get it to ring on traditional 20-30 cycles, though some have been somewhat successful in hacking them to at least tinkle at lower frequencies.

Also, I would assume you meant that the line cord from the wall to the set has only two conductors even though it would normally have at least three. The actual handset cord would have originally had three, though at one point it could have been changed out to a four conductor cord. Otherwise the set would not be capable of functioning properly with only two conductors.

Here is a link to a Stromberg Carlson field handbook that provides a wealth of additional information regarding the 1543:

long jumper

Thanks for all the input. This forum gives folks a wealth of information. I have 1 more question could anyone tell me where to buy a cover for a WE302 base to make a ringer box for a 202 we dial phone any help appreciated.


There are right now two 302 bases in E-Bay.  You normally can get a subset cover for it from Old Phone Works, but they are out of them right now.  There are a few subsets on E-Bay for less that $100.00 right now.  The 634 is the large metal subset.  The 684 is newer and flatter and is era correct for your phone.  The 685 is the newest, but for it to work best, you need 5 wire or 6 wire subset cord.  Which one depends on how you wire it.


long jumper

Thanks Mike I will look into That