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My Kellogg Stick need info

Started by RB, November 11, 2023, 03:42:35 PM

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I found this stick at an Estate sale today, and could not pass by it.
Bought it for $75 and brought it home.
I need some info on it.
I know it needs a 3 wire bell/coil box, but what model?
Also, is it a Local Batt, or a Common Batt stick?
And last, When was it made?
I cant add pics, too big, but back says
Pat date Nov 26 1901 - Mar 19 1907 - Apr 14 1908
And the Label on the bottom says
Inspected Aug 4 1924


1. The type of subset used would determine if it is used on common battery or local battery.
2. You could probably get it working with any subset, but a Kellogg subset would be more authentic.
3. We want pictures!


There were dozens different models of desk sets and subsets that used 3-wire linecords but here are two examples, one C.B. and an L.B., that will give you a general idea.
As Sunset2 has already stated, it depends on the type of service you want to use it for, as well as whether you want to be authentic or are also willing to use another manufacturers subset.
Perhaps another member has one that will work with your set and would be willing to sell it to you.


Thanks for the replies. :)
Here are the pics.
I figured out how to make my cam take small pics.


It looks to be in very nice condition.  You got a good deal.  If I were to make a wild guess, I would think it was made in 1924, maybe late July.