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running an AE 80 on a 1A1 system.

Started by Babybearjs, November 12, 2023, 09:39:29 PM

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does anyone know what GSP I need to look at to convert a AE 80 to be able to be used on a 1A1 system?


You can create A/A1 leads on just about any phone. On an AE80 with potted network (NB-802), you can bypass the hookswitch contact springs connecting to 10 and 11 and use these contact springs for A and A1.

Bruce Crawford said that with 300/400 WE sets, at Bell Canada they sometimes repurposed the GN and BB hookswitch contacts  (that normally opened the receiver) for A-lead control. Then they added a varistor in parallel with the HA1 Receiver to reduce the "pop" when hanging up.

You just have to make sure of the sequence that the contacts open. Otherwise, you will create a "false hold" when hanging up.
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