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GPO Pay Phones / Re: K6 & other GPO Telephone B...
Last post by RDPipes - Today at 02:58:35 PM
Love the van in the first photo or what ever its called!
Handsets (Combined) / AE40 with Unusual Type 41 Hand...
Last post by RDPipes - Today at 02:54:04 PM
I've seen a lot of 41 handsets but, not all of them and when I seen this one it reminded me of a 38 with the paint brass bands. Anyone ever see one like this and or know why it is the way it is? Usually I either see these with black Bakelite bands or chrome ones, never with what I assume is brass painted black bands. Sorry about the quality of the photos, its the sellers photos.
General Discussion / Re: Custom/Vanity Dial Cards
Last post by SUnset2 - Today at 01:03:16 PM
Quote from: RDPipes on Today at 04:17:07 AMI like that, I'll have to try Copperplate next time, its very close to Helvetica.
Actually Copperplate is not much like Helvetica.  Copperplate has little tiny serifs on the letters, Helvetica does not.  Copperplate is the closest match to the font used by the Bell System in the days when they spelled out the exchange name.  After that, they went to a sans-serif font.  And this doesn't account for what independent telephone companies were using.
Can you guess what you are looking at?
Well done David. The rear view of an Ericofon. You win the round :) .
I give up!dont-know.gif
Zoom Out.
General Discussion / Re: Custom/Vanity Dial Cards
Last post by poplar1 - Today at 08:43:53 AM
Quote from: SUnset2 on Today at 12:49:47 AMFor the early style, I use Copperplate (not bold or condensed) for the EXchange NAme.  I then use a rubber stamp for the numbers. If I want it to look aged, I print it on ivory card stock.

I believe the style used by mid-1950s (without the black background) were actually printed on gray stock for the Bell System phones:
          "4.01 The basic number card is gray in color..."

If I recall correctly, gray was standard until the introduction of the white cards with the letter M above the phone number.

BSP from TCI Library:
GPO Pay Phones / Re: K6 & other GPO Telephone B...
Last post by david@london - Today at 08:11:58 AM
K3, Bovey Tracey, Devon
K3, Willingdon, East Sussex
Police call box, Woolston, Hampshire