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Hells Bells!

Started by Babybearjs, February 15, 2016, 06:07:33 PM

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finally got around to wiring in my outside bells. these are mounted on my shed and I still have to run the phone line out to the building.... but, at least this part is started....


Will you use an overhead line or will you put it underground?  Or haven't you decided yet?


it will be underground, it just about 15 feet from the house and within 50 feet of the existing wiring... so tying it in is just a matter of getting it done. I'm using #44A blocks inside the shed to terminate the connections on that end and I'll just tie into the #66 block under the house to get the service. Thank god I was able to aquire  some 25 pair Cat5 cable.... that will really help.


I like the idea, but I hope that the birds do not try building nests on them. :)


Jim Stettler

Are you using a direct burial  cable or are you running conduit? If you are using conduit you should use a cable rated for wet locations. The reason is that buried conduits will fill with water from condensation and can cause you problems. Early digital pedestals in my area had a small compressor that would kick on to blow the conduit free of standing water. I don't know if they still use the compressors.
Just a thought.
Jim S.

I have used weather rated "temporary" drop wire (4 pair) in the past. I have seen temporary drop wire installed by the phone company and surface ran. Some of the temporary wire was still in place and working 5 years later.

When I used the temp drop cable I rigged up a dmarc at the house end in case I had trouble with the cable shorting, I could just unplug the shed at the house. I never did have any cable problems in the 7-8 years I had it buried between the house and shed.  When the phone rang I would watch out the window for a signal from my wife to see if the call was for me. During the day she would wave yes or no and at knight should would signal with the porch light. I sold that house in 1999.
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You die, you forget it all.


it will be in conduit. such a small run, I don't expect any problems. but, time will tell....


My dad had a set like the one on the right in the back yard.  If you were anywhere near it when a call came through, you would certainly feel this thread was appropriately named.
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