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Can i make this payphone work on coins?

Started by lee custer, September 30, 2018, 10:47:50 AM

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lee custer

Hi, in New on this forum.
I bought this payphone and i want to make it work on coins.
I have the coin relay. Thats not the problem.

Do i have to re wire the phone or do you think it has to work with a coin controller?

Im totally new on this.

Can somebody check the wiring?


Butch Harlow

Not really an expert on the Automatic Electric paystations, but aside from the coin relay being removed and that bell put in its place it looks relatively complete. In order to make it work as built you would need a relay, to remove that bell, make sure the wiring is correct, and have an external controller.  A member here used to manufacture a controller that simulated central office commands, but they are no longer made. Sometimes one pops up on Ebay. But without that, you will be unable to use the phone for anything other than a regular landline phone.
  As it is it's set take coins and make the dings and gongs, but they do not have any connection to making the call. The coins will either drop into the return slot or into the vault depending on which direction the door in the hopper is set in. It can be wired as a landline phone, but without external control, it's not a paystation.
Butch Harlow


Yes, you can if you connect it to an ATA who shanges polarity when party answers.  I have mine connected to a PAP2T with a dialgizmo for understanding the rotary. It works like a post-pay phone, no coin returns, it just disconnect the transmitter until the coin is inserted. You need a micro switch and a few simple components.
Look here: